Cappadocia It is an area in eastern Turkey with numerous historical, architectural and religious sites that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is not a resort area, there are no beaches here. But! This place is just a must visit.


     Cappadocia is founded in the mountains of volcanic origin, which create an unusual terrain. Here for a long time lived early Christians fleeing religious persecution. This is what determines the peculiarity of local architecture: houses were not built here, but were carved right into the rocks, creating entire cities. This arrangement of houses made it possible to protect local residents from attacks. Of these settlements, the cities of Urgup and Goreme have survived to this day.


       In addition, the oldest underground city of Derinkuyu is located in Cappadocia. The settlement was built around 800 BC and has about 20 floors underground. To date, archaeologists have unearthed only 11. It is noteworthy that the city was equipped with a water supply and ventilation system. There is also an underground tunnel, 9 km long, which connects the settlement with the city of Kaymakli.


     It is worth noting that people come to Cappadocia not only to get acquainted with the sights, but also to participate in the balloon festival. It's great to see this stunning, unusual city from above. If you are not a fan of such extreme entertainment, then you can simply admire this spectacle from the side - this is also very impressive. Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia is organized all year round, but the season is considered to be from April to October.