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New Year's tour to Russian Lapland

     Want To See World offers unforgettable family tours to Russian Lapland. You will spend three days and two nights on a journey that will be remembered for a lifetime. Polar Murmansk and the Northern Lights hunt - that's[...]
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How to catch the Northern Lights?

     The Northern Lights are an amazing natural phenomenon. To catch it and capture it, you need special knowledge and skill. There are a number of resources available to assist with hunting.      Several[...]
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Teriberka - the end of the earth

     Teriberka is a village in the Kola district of the Murmansk region. This is an old settlement that was known only to the locals and guides who organized hunting for the Northern Lights. 120 km from Murmansk and you find[...]
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Must see at Baikal

     We begin our review of the winter trip to Lake Baikal. And its first point will be the settlement of Listvyanka. It is here that tourist Baikal begins. Listvyanka is located on the right side of the source of the Angara[...]
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Olkhon Island on Baikal

     Olkhon is the largest island in Lake Baikal. The length of the island is 73.5 km, width - up to 15 km, area - 730 km². Permanent population - 1744 people (2019). Distance from Irkutsk by road - 256 km. It is separated[...]
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