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Sultan's harem: 6 facts that will surprise you

     In the view of a modern person, a harem was a place where languid concubines sit, eat pilaf and baklava all day long, weave intrigues and wait for a night of passionate love with their master. However, the life of the[...]
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7 interesting facts about Dubai

     Dubai is developing at a tremendous pace. If earlier all its prosperity consisted only of oil, now it is a huge modern metropolis, miraculously grown in the desert and attracting tourists from all over the[...]
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Turkey, Ephesus

     It is an ancient city that has survived to this day and an open-air museum. The Temple of Artemis, one of the wonders of the world, was built here in the 8th century BC. But the temple was destined for an unhappy fate - one[...]
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Singapore is a land of bans

     Did you know that there is a country where it is forbidden to walk naked even in your own apartment? And for this violation a fine is imposed. And this country is Singapore. Some of the laws of Singapore are driving us[...]
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