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Northern Lights

     What an amazing natural phenomenon? Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), Southern Lights (Aurora Australis), obsolete. "Pazori" - the glow (luminescence) of the upper layers of atmospheric[...]
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Lake Baikal

     Lake Baikal is a symbol of purity of water and a visiting card of Eastern Siberia and Buryatia, attracting tens of thousands of tourists from Russia and other countries of the world. The dimensions of the lake are[...]
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Nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" - interesting in the tour "Hunt for the Northern Lights"

     During a sightseeing tour of Murmansk, tourists visit a very colorful and curious place - the decommissioned nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", which has become a museum.      A little history: the[...]
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What to see in Irkutsk?

     Tour to Baikal "Want To See World"     On the fifth day of our tour, the group returns to Irkutsk. During the day we will see the most interesting things in this city.      Kazan[...]
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Turkish cuisine

     Today we will talk about the beautiful country of Turkey. Now this country is open to receive tourists. Even in December, the temperature on the Anatolian coast during the day is above +15 degrees Celsius. Greenery and[...]
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