What kind of Khivus, you ask? What is this - the name of a plant, a rare rodent or an ancient king? In fact, khivus is a downstream north wind sweeping drifting snow. And "Khivus" is a hovercraft. Everyone traveled by buses, almost everyone by trains, many people flew by airplanes. But a hovercraft is a unique and exotic means of transportation.

     The boat has a spacious cabin, in which a comfortable temperature is maintained even in severe frosts. Thanks to the installation of a low-noise screw, there is no need to strain the vocal cords in order to hear each other during excursions. The windows in the cabin are located around the entire perimeter, which gives an excellent view and allows all passengers to enjoy nature. A hovercraft is the safest and most comfortable means of transportation on ice, as the Khivus:

- not afraid of cracks and gullies on the ice;

- can move on snow cover;

- has an autonomous course of up to 500 km;

- develops a speed of up to 100 km / h;

- has a closed heated interior.

     It is also a bunch of positive emotions and an unforgettable experience.