Did you know that there is a country where it is forbidden to walk naked even in your own apartment? And for this violation a fine is imposed. And this country is Singapore. Some of the laws of Singapore are driving us Europeans into a stupor. You cannot feed birds on the streets, chew gum and eat on the subway. And walking naked not only on the streets, but in your own home, is punishable by a fine of 2000 Singapore dollars. Walking naked in your own home without covering your windows is tantamount to pornography.

    To maintain cleanliness in the city, there has been a ban on chewing gum since 1992. As soon as the subway started operating in Singapore in 1987, the hooligans got used to sticking an elastic band to the sensors of automatic doors, and from this they broke. Chewing gum spoiled asphalt and shoes. Now chewing gum is not available anywhere, not even at duty free at Changi Airport. Don't forget to check your pockets before visiting Singapore. If you do get caught chewing, you'll have to pay S $ 1000.

     More interesting examples of Singapore bans:

  • you cannot use someone else's Wi-fi without the permission of its owner, even if the Wi-Fi is not password protected  
  • you can't eat or drink on the subway
  • can not litter. For throwing a cigarette butt or any other rubbish on the asphalt - a fine of 1,000 Singapore dollars. If you do this a second time, you will be assigned corrective labor to clean up the area wearing a bright orange T-shirt that says “I'm dirty”. Everyone will be in the know!
  • being drunk in a public place - 1000 Singapore dollars
  • For more than 30 types of crimes, men between the ages of 18 and 50 in Singapore, in addition to prison, will be "brought up" with a cane stick: for robbery, burglary, rape, vandalism. It goes not only to the citizens of the country, but also to visitors. In 1994, 18-year-old American Michael Fey spray-painted several cars. The young "artist" was sentenced to six blows. The then US President Bill Clinton stood up for him, and the sentence was reduced by two blows
  •  With even greater severity, the authorities stopped the drug trade: anyone caught red-handed faces the death penalty.

    These are the strict laws. But Singapore still attracts many tourists every year, because it is the city of the future with perfect order and zero crime rates. This city is a must-see, but before boarding the plane, check your pockets for any gum.