Today we will talk about the beautiful country of Turkey. Now this country is open to receive tourists. Even in December, the temperature on the Anatolian coast during the day is above +15 degrees Celsius. Greenery and sea, wonderful hotels and shopping centers. The pandemic, of course, made its own directives on holidays in Turkey, but still, a trip there is always colored with emotions from beautiful scenic views, excellent service and, of course, Turkish cuisine. It is precisely about the kitchen that we will talk about today. About kebabs - meat cooked over an open fire.

     Turkish cuisine can be defined as a mix of the best dishes of traditional Islamic cuisine with Caucasian and Balkan dishes. At the same time, it has its own flavor and cooking secrets. Most of the dishes are cooked on an open fire - grill or spit. Kebabs are meat cooked over a fire (and in Turkey there are dozens of types of kebabs. They are prepared not only from meat, but also from poultry and even fish. The tents where kebabs are prepared and sold are called kebabchi. There are a lot of such stalls - local fast foods on the streets large cities of Turkey.) Spices are added in moderation. The main feature of Turkish cuisine is mutton dishes. Translated from Turkish "kebab" means all types of roast.

     Doner kebab - shawarma familiar to Russians in bread or pita

     Durum - kebab in lavash

     Iskander-kebab - thin meat on a flatbread, poured with yogurt and tomato sauce.

     Köfte - meatballs that are grilled and served with fries, rice and vegetables.