Privacy Policy

On this page, you can find detailed information about how your personal data is used and also about cookies. If you still have questions after reading, you can contact us using the "Contact Us" page to clarify details.

Want To See appreciates your trust and is attentive to the issue of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data. We take all possible measures to protect the information you provide for booking and purchasing travel services.

By using the Want To See website (the “Website") and the services provided on the website, you agree to our Privacy Policy. 

1. Collection of Personal Data on the Want To See Website

We may collect personal information that you provide when using the Website, as well as information about how you use the Site in the process of viewing it and booking any offered services. The provision of your personal information to Want To See is always voluntary. But we will not be able to offer you certain services if you decide not to provide us with your personal information necessary for booking.

To book the service, we can request the following information from you: first and last name, gender, date of birth, passport number, the expiration date of the passport, citizenship, phone number, email address, address of residence.

To book certain services (for example, requiring a tourist visa), additional personal data may be required: full passport data (number, date, country, issuing authority, expiration date), country and full address of residence, race, education, current profession, marital status, information about the refusal of entry or deportation from other countries, prosecutions. The volume and details of additional information depend on the requirements of the country, the entry into which involves the booked service. When collecting the above additional personal data, the Company is guided by the requirements of the service provider and visa requirements of the country of service.

To register your user account, we may collect your personal information, such as name, phone number, email address.

During the use of the Website (even if you do not make a booking of the service), the following data may be collected: your IP address, browser type, and version, operating system, language settings. If you access the Website from a mobile device, information about the model of the device and its characteristics may be collected.

Please note that Want To See is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal data you provide to service providers, as indicated in the Terms of Use. The reliability of the personal data you provide is a prerequisite for providing you a booked and paid service. Incorrectly specified data (eg, passport number, date of birth of the child, and any other) can cause a denial of service on the part of the supplier.

 2. Use of Personal Data

Want To See collects your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Booking services

The main purpose of collecting your personal data is to book or purchase services. We use your data to make a booking and pass it directly to the service provider.

  • Create a personal account

The collection of personal data is also carried out to register the user on the Website, create a personal account.

  • Feedback, support service.

We can use your email address, phone number and any other provided contacts to contact you during or after the booking, to clarify the necessary information or provide assistance.

  • Marketing promotion.

We can use your personal data and contact information to send you personalized special offers, news, information about promotions if you indicated that you agree to receive such offers.

  • Prevention of fraud.

We may need the information you provide to identify and prevent any fraud attempts.

 3. Use of Reviews

After you have used the services, you can leave a review of a particular service or about using the Website. The text of your review may be used for marketing purposes under the Terms of Use.

4. Storage and Protection of Personal Data

The personal information we receive from you may be transferred, processed, and stored on our servers or the servers of service providers. Your personal information will be stored for as long as necessary in accordance with any of the purposes described in the paragraph "Use of Personal Data", or to fulfill any contractual requirements necessary to provide the services, legal, tax or accounting requirements.

The use of personal data by the Company for analytical purposes involves the full depersonalization of such information.

We take security measures to protect your personal data, to prevent their unauthorized receipt and use by third parties. Access to your personal information is available only to Company employees in the process of fulfilling their duties and the provider of the booked service.

 5. Personal Data Control

If you want to receive information about your personal data the Company stores, you can send an email with the corresponding request. In the subject line indicate “Request for personal data” and describe your request in the text of the letter. To prevent the transfer of your personal information to third parties, you will need to provide a copy of an identity document. To delete your personal data from the servers of the Company, you can also send us the corresponding request by e-mail. However, part of the data may be stored for legal purposes, for accounting purposes or to prevent fraudulent activity. 

6. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

Personal information may be transferred to service suppliers and other third parties, but only as part of the services provided.

In case of booking or purchasing a service provided by a supplier, your data will be transferred directly to the supplier of this service. In the case of a visa, your data is also transmitted to the appropriate authorities.

If required by law, we may share your information with law enforcement to prevent criminal activity or detect fraud.

We are careful to maintain the confidentiality of your data and do not transfer them to third parties not indicated in the text above and not related to the provision of services provided on the Website. In any other case, personal information may only be shared with third parties with your written consent.

7. Cookies

Cookies are used to maintain the correct functioning of websites and to improve their usability. Such files allow you to save your chosen settings, for example, language and currency, define you as the same user on different pages of the website, or during subsequent visits to the website.

For the correct operation of the Website and the convenience to use it by our customers, we use the following types of cookies:

  • Functional

Allow remembering your settings and pages viewed.

  • Technical

Ensure the correct display of elements on the website and its smooth operation.

  • Analytical

Allow analyzing the work of the Website for its optimization and improvement.

The Сompany also uses third-party cookies (for example Google Analytics services). We use files of only reputable services for the purpose of analytics and marketing promotion.

Cookies are stored in the user's browser and are deleted after a certain time. The maximum shelf life of Want To See site cookie-files is 1 year. You can delete the cookies of the Site using the "Settings" section in your browser. In the same section, you can choose which cookies will be saved and which ones will be rejected.